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Hi! I'm Jeff Escalante - here's why I'm your ideal web designer.

  1. I write super-semantic HTML5 enhanced with tasteful CSS3
  2. Design for me is a way of life. Making things look pretty is not work, it's purpose.
  3. I am passionate about usability. I read books about UX in my free time, I am doing my senior thesis on usability testing using brainwave monitoring, and I design user experiences as part of my on-campus job.
  4. I stay on the cutting edge of current web dev practices and right on top of web standards. I read 36 blogs every day on design, code, usability, neuroscience, and marketing.
  5. Worried about cross-browser compatibility? I can make my pages work in IE6, which is so old that even Microsoft is trying to kill it. Mobile design is no problem - try resizing this window ; )
  6. I have an extensive and diverse portfolio. If that's not enough, I post my most recent work in development on Forrst, an exclusive community for designers and developers.
  7. I am outgoing and friendly, and I have a diverse range of other interests, from neuroscience (my major) to music (I play 5 instruments) to social work (I founded a successful charity organization) and partying (I DJ professionally). I love to have fun at work and outside of work, and I love working with other people.
  8. I've got all the job requirements covered. Yeah, I mean all - I can and will teach your French Bulldog how to skateboard. Since I don't have a dog myself, I made the best of of my pet situation and taught my guinea pig how to skateboard. Check out the documentation of this epic event below.

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So what are you waiting for? Shoot me an email or give me a call! I'd be happy to interview : )

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